UPDATED 06/02/2000

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1. Sweepstakes

Super Home Theater System Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Enter to win in the Super System Sweepstakes and you could be on your way to enjoying a state-of-the-art home theater system. - One (1) Sony 53' Big Screen Projection TV model # KP-53S70 - One (1) Sony Sava Speaker System model # SA-VA700 - One (1) Sony A/V Receiver model # STR-DE345 - One (1) Sony CD/DVD Player model # DVP-S330 - Two (2) Lazy Boy Lancer 515 Leather recliners.  by AUG-04-2000

Pet Dreams Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Win $1,000 in store credit from petstore.com !  by JUN-05-2000

Capture a New World Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Win a Sony CCD-TRV66 Vision Series Handycam Camcorder !  by JUN-09-2000

Caribbean Cruise Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Winner and a guest will receive a Caribbean cruise. Package includes round-trip airfare from Gateway closest to winner's residence, a 7-day cruise of the Southern Caribbean Islands including deluxe accommodations in one of the large private balcony suites. Islands on tour include: San Juan - St. Thomas - St. Lucia - Curacao - Aruba  by JUN-30-2000

Spring Into Shape Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    You will be entered to win a new two-piece home gym system including: -one (1) Reebok ACD3 Treadmill model #RBTL1598, and - one (1) Reebok 825 Strength Training Machine Model #RBSY8258. Don't wait, enter now for your chance to win this great system. It's just the thing you need to get in shape just in time for swim-suit season!  by JUL-07-2000

Clean Sweep Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Winner will receive one (1) year's worth of maid/cleaning service provided by the service provider of their choice in their area. Services charges will be covered up to $3,000.00 for the year.  by JUL-13-2000

Get Up and Go Sweepstakes - Free Entry

    Winner will receive one (1) 2000 Nissan X-Terra XE V6 4X4 with the Power and Utility Packages with the following standard options as listed below: - AM / FM / CD audio system 100-watt with twelve FM presets; CD player with random play and repeat features; six premium speakers including tweeters; digital clock. - Variable intermittent wipers. - Fender lip moldings. (front and rear; V6 models only) - Tubular step rails. - Retractable cargo cover. - First aid kit. - Rear-window wiper. - Six ceiling tie-down clips. - Tubular roof rack with removable gear basket. - Height-adjustable steering column. These are just a few of the many standard options. Enter now! Don't delay. Get Up and Go! with the Nissan X-Terra.  by SEP-29-2000

$5,000,000 - Free Entry

    . . WIN $5 MILLION Cash . . .

2. Free Lotteries / Lotto's

GROUP LOTTO - Free Entry

    . Up to $10 MILLION . . Drawn Daily (M-F) . . 7 entries / day . . Cash Drawing Daily and Weekly . . Every time you play, you automatically qualify for GroupLotto's daily and weekly GUARANTEED prize drawings !

FREE LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . $11 MILLION . . Drawn Daily . . You can win $1,000,000.00, a $50,000.00 Luxury Car, $10,000.00 CASH and even $10,000,000.00 in the nightly FreeLotto SuperBucks Drawing

YOU WIN IT ! - Free Lotto Game

    . . $5 MILLION . . Drawn Weekly . . 1 entry / wk . . Cash Drawing Daily

EXTREME LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . Up To $1 MILLION . . Drawn Daily . . up to 10 entries / day

i win - Free Lotto Game

    . . Companion site to above, receive additional entries, cash & prizes

BIG PRIZES & LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . $100,000 . . . BIG PRIZES . . . GAMES . . .

WHEN WILL IT END - Free Lotto Game

    . . $1 MILLION . . . NEW LOTTO

i MUST LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . $50,000 . . Drawn Every Hour . . 3 Entries / Hour . .

WEB MILLION - Free Lotto Game

    . . $3 MILLION . . Drawn Weekly . . 10 Entries / Day . .

EZ LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . $100,000 . . 2 Draws / Week ( Wed & Sat ) . .

TROPPO LOTTO - Free Lotto Game

    . . $1 MILLION . . . NEW LOTTO

3. Free Information Request

Save the Children - Free Information Request

    HELP SAVE A NEEDY CHILD'S LIFE... that without your help may not survive. Your support can provide vaccinations, basic medical care, education and clothing. To receive a free information package, or to make a donation or to sponsor a child, please click here. Your help really does make a difference in the lives of children who have so little.

Christian Childrens Fund - Free Information Request

    SAVE A NEEDY CHILD'S LIFE... ...Find out how you can help

Shark Cartilage - Free Information Request

    Shark cartlidge has been proven to halt a wide range of cancers dead in their tracks.  Learn how it can benefit you today with our Free Information and No obligation of any kind.

Immune Supplement MGN3 - Free Information Request

    Learn about MGN-3, the revolutionary supplement, which helps build your body's defense mechanism against infection, disease and all forms of invaders. When people get sick, it's mostly because their immune systems aren't up to fighting disease. This revolutionary supplement can help build up your system.

Septic Helper 2000 - Free Information Request

    Maintain your septic system quickly and easily. Don't let repairs catch you off guard.
    If you'd like more information on maintaining your system and running your system more efficiently, request free information, here online. Septic Helper 2000 is a beneficial bacteria additive that is both safe and easy to use...and it's the first step in maintaining your system worry free.

eDebtconsolidation] - Free Information Request

    Signup for a free debt reduction analysis and see how you can save lots of money!

Getsmart - Free information Request

    Mortgage rates have started to creep up! There may never be a better time to: Refinance Your Home Mortgage, Purchase a Home, Get a Home Equity Line of Credit, or Consolidate Your Debt! GetSmart.com can help you get the best possible rate. Take just 5 minutes and find the loan that fits your needs and save thousands of dollars, and best of all it's FREE!

4. Free Signups and Software Downloads

American Home Owners [US only] - Free Trial Offer

    Now you can sample the multiple benefits of membership in the country's #1 Homeowners Association!  The American Homeowners Association offers substantial benefits to all homeowners. Register today for a 30 Day Introductory membership and you will receive a Grocery Coupon Book worth $500.

USA NET [International] - Free Signup

    With NET@DDRESS and USA.net you receive your very own free lifetime e-mail address that works independently of your Internet Service Provider, wherever you go.

Jobsonline [US only] - Free Signup

    JobsOnline is your online resource for employment and career information.
    Post a resume, review salary information for thousands of jobs,& take a job aptitude test - just to name a few of the services.  All absolutely FREE.  Register today and receive 30 minutes of long distance FREE.

Bargain Dog [International] - Free Newsletter/Free Service Signup

    Sign up for BargainDog and never miss out on a deal again!  Members receive a customized email newsletter reporting the best bargains from leading online merchants on everything from ap parel to software.

NPD Online [International] - Free Signup/Sweepstakes

    Would you like the chance to win CASH??? NPD Online Research is looking for people just like YOU to join their Online Research Team.  Joining gives you a chance to be heard by decision makers worldwide.  And, you'll have a chance to WIN some great prizes - starting with the chance to win $1,000 just for registering to join!  Just visit us and learn more about NPD Online Research.  Take a chance.  Join the Team.  Make a difference.

eTour [International] - Free Membership

    eTour is the most useful and entertaining start page on the Web.   After registering and switching your start page to eTour, you'll see a different Website, matched to your interests, every time you log on the Web.  These aren't ads, but the best sites on the Web, and eTour finds them just for you! As an active user you'll also earn FREE gift certificates from Delta Airlines, JCrew, HomeDepot, Blockbuster, and many other top brands.  Click here to sign-up and switch your start page to eTour.  You'll be glad you did!

Fastweb [International] - Free Signup/Free Scholarship Search Site

    Need money for college? fastweb is the largest FREE scholarship search on the Internet, with more than 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion.  Get accurate, updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships, all at absolutely no cost.  And fastweb is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the E-Scholarship program.  

Lifeminders - Free Personalized Email

    SIGN UP NOW TO WIN $100, $1000, or FREE Videos for a Year!!
    Receive FREE personalized, practical email for all the important areas of your life: home, family, car, wealth, entertainment, pets and more.

MyPoints - Free Signup  

    The MyPoints(R) Program pays you for using the Internet. You can get Points for activities like visiting Web sites, clicking on ad banners, making a purchase, reading an email and much more. The Points you earn are redeemable for merchandise and services from MyPoints(R) partners such as The Sharper Image, Marriott, Hyatt, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Spiegel, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Olive Garden and Red Lobster. What could be easier!

Speedyclick [International] - Free Membership

    HAVE A WHOLE LOTTA FUN WITH GAMES AND  CONTESTS AT SPEEDY CLICK! Win $10,000! Play great games! Enter as many as you like. Lots of $50 prizes also! You'll have so much fun and it's all free!  Sign up now...it doesn't cost a penny!

Speedybarter [International] - Free Membership

    Somebody....Somewhere....Wants your Stuff!
    use the SpeedyBarter auction, for FREE!...Software, Jewelry, Clothing, even Autos! Trade anything. Trade for SpeedyBucks, and then use your SpeedyBucks to bid for other items. Want more SpeedyBucks? Play FREE online games: Slots, Poker, Treasure Hunts, hundreds of contests, and more.

The Mighty Dirt Devil 30 Day Trial - Signup

    Try it risk-free for 30 days. Dirt Devil will even send you a free Dust Devil hand vacuum just for trying the PowerLite. The Dirt Devil PowerLite is packed with power with its full 12-amp motor (the maximum you can buy!) yet weighs 6 pounds lighter than the best selling full-power vacuum. The PowerLite features bagless convenience (just pop the dirt container out and empty - no more messy bags!), Swivel Glide? casters that makes it easy to turn on even the deepest pile carpets, onboard tools and a super stretch hose. Try the PowerLite 30-day risk-free in-home trial and get your free Dust Devil hand vac.

5. Books / Magazine Trials

DoubleDay Literary Guild [US only] - Free Trial Offers

    Join the Literary Book Club today and get John Grisham's new novel, The Brethren, Free!
    As a Literary Book Club member you are entitled to choose any 4 books absolutely free!  And with this special offer, you getJohn Grisham's new novel when it's released and a deluxe daily planner free!  All you pay is $1 plus shipping and handling charges.

Mystery Book Club [US only] - Free Trial Offers

    Join the Mystery Book Club and receive 7 FREE Mystery Books!
    Like reading mystery books?  Choose any mystery book and it's FREE!  when you receive it you get a free coupon for those 6 books for 99 cents!

Sci-Fi Book Club [US only] - Free Trial Offers

    Choose any Star Wars Book for FREE!
    Plus when you receive your FREE book you get to choose 5 more for just $1!   Don't miss out on this offer, signup today.

Travel & Leisure Trial Offer -

    TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE Explore the World Travel & Leisure circles the globe to bring you the best. Whether you set your sights on lands beyond the horizon or prefer traveling closer to home, you'll find exciting destinations and countless leisure-time diversions in the pages of Travel & Leisure. You will find: *THE LATEST GEAR FOR TRAVEL *MUST-SEE MUSEUMS *TRANSPORTATION BARGAINS *SHOPPING MECCAS *CULTURAL ACTIVITIES *GOURMET CHOICES *AND MORE!

Six-Figure Income Magazine - Free Trial Subscription

    LEARN TO EARN $100,000 OR MORE A YEAR...FROM THOSE WHO ACTUALLY MAKE THAT KIND OF MONEY! How to make big bucks in home business. How the pro's do it. Free trial subscription PLUS 3 free valuable bonuses. Real world strategies, tips, secrets and much more.

6. Catalogs

Catalog Request Center [US only] - Order Free Catalogs - Free Membership

    You'll find over 300 free catalogs at the Catalogs Request Center. Use this free service to quickly locate the catalogs that have the products you want. You may select your catalogs by category, or simply search by entering a catalog name, product or brand. There's no obligation and there's no charge for using the Catalog Request Center.

7. Computers & Software

Gator [International] - Free Download

    Get 50 Dollars IN COUPONS when you Grab the Gator!  Tired of filling out forms? Tired of forgetting passwords? You need Gator! Gator is free software that does the typing for you. Gator eliminates frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Best of all, it's polite:  When you hit a web page with a form or account name & password, Gator surfaces to provide the exact information with no typing! It takes only 3 minutes to download at 56K! Gator also comes with  in FREE COUPONS!

FREE 3D World Atlas -

    Receive a FREE GIFT PACKAGE worth $29.95 PLUS an amazing FREE BONUS GIFT worth $39.95! Get the confidence you need to make your PC work for you! At Home With Your PC is a unique, step-by-step instructional series that combines CD-ROMs and easy-to-use project cards. Learn from the most enjoyable tutor there is. Learn how to: - Design your own letterhead - Keep track of your money - E-mail messages and pictures - Find your way around the Internet - and much more!

Get Dash [International] - Free Download

    turn the Web into a virtual mall where you never pay retail. When you download our dashBar for free, you'll get up to 25% cash back every time you shop at more than 100 online retailers, including LL Bean, barnesandnoble, CDNOW, Reel.com, and PlanetRx. It's the smart way to shop online! What are you waiting for?  Sign up

Free ISP Internet Access by Excite - Signup  

    Totally FREE Internet Access!  Signup with FreeISP and get fast 56k connections, unlimited/unrestricted internet access, and use of any software you want!  It is being brought to you by Excite, one of the most trusted companies on the Internet.  Available to most areas of the US and Canada.

Free Pet Planning Software -

    Introducing your pet's best friend This FREE pet management Web-CD gives you all the resources a pet owner needs. Care Tips, Vet Tracker and Vaccination charts, advice from pet experts, your own PetSite, and much more....all for FREE!!

Free Home Planning Software -

    -- your connection to the ultimate guide for home buying and selling. A Web-CD and video, personalized ToDo list, financial calculators, expert advice and more will make your home adventure more enjoyable-and less stressful. All for you, all for FREE.

Free Toddler Planning Software -

    Caring for your Toddler just got easier! Get tips, ideas and expert advice on raising a great toddler from ToddlerServ. Learn parenting basics and health and safety-related issues with our desktop software. Join with other parents of toddlers in our community forum. Share your pictures with family and friends with your own ToddlerSite. All this and more when you order your Free Toddler Parenting Web CD, ToddlerServ. All for you, all for FREE!

Free Baby Planning Software -

    Preparing you for a whole new life.... Our FREE pregnancy planning CD-ROM guides the parents-to-be through every step leading to the big event and beyond. Customized planning software, a comprehensive resource guide, unlimited access to Pregnancy Experts, a personal BabySite, and much more. ....all for FREE!!

Free Wedding Planning Software -

    Guiding you through I do..... Our FREE wedding planning CD-ROM guides the happy couple through every step leading to the big event with customized planning software, a comprehensive resource guide, unlimited access to Certified Wedding Experts, a personal WedSite, and much more.....all for FREE!!

8. Coupons

Coolsavings [US only] - Free Signup - Free Coupons

    PRINT REAL COUPONS FROM YOUR COMPUTER! Save hundreds of dollars at your favorite stores, online merchants, restaurants and travel companies. Click HERE to go to CoolSavings -- where coupons are free and your privacy is guaranteed. Clip here NOW and save today!

9. Education

The University of Phoenix -

    UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE FREE INFORMATIVE COURSE BROCHURE Since 1976, the University of Phoenix has been a leader in the innovative delivery of adult education. At University of Phoenix Online, you attend class at the times and places that work best for you: in the evenings from home, during your lunch hour at work, or while traveling on business. You never have to waste any of your valuable time commuting to class, and you never have to worry about any scheduling conflicts. Because all discussions are conducted asynchronously, like e-mail, you participate at your own schedule.

Cleveland Institute of Electronics -

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics is the World Leader in Electronics Education We want to send you a FREE Electronics Symbols Handbook and Course Catalog. In this catalog, you will find information on our Associate Degree Program and our selection of specialized Career Courses including our NEW COMPUTER PROGRAMMING COURSE!

Be A Medical Billing Specialist! - Free Information Request

    Be A Medical Billing Specalist! Work at home Earn up to $40,000 per year.! No Previous Experience needed... learn at home in your spare time. Prepare medical claims and billing for doctors, hospitals, clinics.

Art Instruction School -

    Find out- FREE! For over 85 years we have been offering aspiring artists this simple, free talent test. Just produce two original drawings, complete an unfinished drawing that we supply and identify basic art concepts. Send in your completed test and we'll return it, graded by our professional artists.

Harcourt Learning Direct -

    Build a better future with HARCOURT LEARNING DIRECT distance training! Now you can earn your Degree or prepare for a moneymaking new career, without attending class or rearranging your schedule. HARCOURT LEARNING DIRECT programs feature easy to understand lessons, learning aids, special supplements, and professional-quality tools and software from names like Craftsman, Microsoft, Adobe, and more- all included at no extra cost! Just look at a few of the benefits of HARCOURT LEARNING DIRECT training: -Learn at your own pace. -All materials delivered right to your door. -24-hour toll-free instructional support. -No previous experience needed. -Training that's nationally accredited and nationally recognized.

Foley-Belsaw Correspondence Courses -

    BE YOUR OWN BOSS...LEARN A SKILL THAT CAN NET YOU $45,000 TO $75,000 A YEAR! Expert home technical training courses help you learn the skills which are in high demand. FREE 30-day trial, money-back guarantee from leader Foley-Belsaw. No obligation. Free information.

10. Entertainment


    GAMES, GAMES ..... and MORE GAMES !


    See What the Future Holds for You !


    The Best of ONLINE MUSIC !


    Get Answers to Your Innermost Concerns and Desires

11. Health & Beauty

12. Home Improvement

13. Internet Related

Netsetter - Signup

    The Best Kept SECRET on the Internet --- Speedup your internet connection up to 100% for FREE --- Fast, Easy signup

Free ISP Internet Access - Signup  

    Totally FREE Internet Access!  Signup with FreeISP and get fast 56k connections, unlimited/unrestricted internet access, and use of any software you want!  It is being brought to you by Excite, one of the most trusted companies on the Internet.  Available to most areas of the US and Canada.

14. Membership Programs

15. Money Making Opportunities

Prostep -

    How would you like to make $5,000 to $10,000 a month from your own home-based business? Now You Can!! Introducing the hottest home-based business concept in America today If you've ever dreamed of making money from home... BIG, BIG MONEY, then here's your chance!

16. Newsletters ... FREE


    # 1 Freebie Club ..... Where Everything is FREE ..... The Way the Internet Was Meant to Be ! Free Lotto, Free Lottery, Free Sweepstakes, Free Offers, Free Trials, Free Downloads. IT's ALL FREE ! ! !

Newsletters Galore for Free [International] - Free Signup(s)

    Whatever your interests, one of our hundreds of newsletters will be just right for you.  Join One or Join them all, they are all FREE !

List World -

    -JOKES- -CARTOONS- -TRIVIA- -QUOTES- -INVESTMENTS- -RECIPES- -FAMILY ISSUES- -YOUR HEALTH- -QUIZZES- Get all this, and more. All free. All the time!

17. Online Personals Sites

Social Net - Free Membership

    Your FREE membership lets you meet hundreds of people in your neighborhood and around the country on the Internet's best dating service. We're the best because our exclusive SureMatch technology brings people together who are right for each other!  Relationships.com is safe, secure, fun, and 100% Free.  No fees and  No charges.  No catches.  So if you're ready to meet people you really click with, try us right now! Happy Dating!

18.. Personal Finance

1st NetCard - Mastercard -

    NO Upfront Cash Security Deposits and NO Turndowns! Divorce - Bad Credit/No Credit? No Problem! Get your FREE guaranteed MasterCard

Nextcard [US only] - Free Credit Card Signup

    Design your own Visa ONLINE  from NextCard Visa

Free Personal Finance Guide -

    Subscribe now to The Wall Street Journal - the most trusted source of business news and information, and receive free with your paid subscription The Wall Street Journal Guide To Understanding Personal Finance. 173 pages of great money-managing and money-saving ideas. You'll also receive the Guide's companion software with worksheets. An $18.95 retail value, free with your paid subscription. Get 2 extra weeks FREE when you use your credit card and order 26-week or 52-week subscriptions! This limited time offer is available to new subscribers in the continental United States only. Sales tax may apply.

Free Stock Evaluator -

    Subscribe now to Barron's at the low introductory price of just $39 for 13 Weeks and you'll receive free, with your paid subscription the Barron's Stock Evaluator. This unique software program features a rating system to use along with Barron's to help choose stocks. If you subscribe now for 26 weeks for $74, or 52 weeks for $145, you'll also receive free, Barron's 325 page Guide to Making Investment Decisions. No one looks at the market with a more insightful eye than Barron's, offering timely coverage of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Get Barron's every week for the knowledge and insight you need to help you become a smarter investor.

Upland Mortgage -

    IF YOU'RE A HOMEOWNER... You could reduce your monthly bills and get extra cash! Let Upland help.

Free Video Stock Bargain - Free information Request

    Don't let today's hottest investments pass you by! StockBargains.CC has the scoop on the hottest opportunities in the newest Private Placements, I.P.O.s Hot Tips and other "High Return" investments. Sign up now for this e-mail newsletter and get a Free three-month subscription. You'll be right there with the Next Big Thing!

Undervalued Small Caps -

    THE STOCKPAGE NEWSLETTER Discovering Undervalued Stocks The Stockpage Newsletter profiles small cap, undiscovered securities that appear to our analysts to be undervalued in the present stock market. The Stockpage has three primary selection criteria for companies that are listed in the Newsletter. -Companies whose securities appear to be undervalued. -Companies with progressive management. -Companies that are already earning revenues.

19. Travel

Travel & Leisure Trial Offer -

    TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE Explore the World Travel & Leisure circles the globe to bring you the best. Whether you set your sights on lands beyond the horizon or prefer traveling closer to home, you'll find exciting destinations and countless leisure-time diversions in the pages of Travel & Leisure. You will find: *THE LATEST GEAR FOR TRAVEL *MUST-SEE MUSEUMS *TRANSPORTATION BARGAINS *SHOPPING MECCAS *CULTURAL ACTIVITIES *GOURMET CHOICES *AND MORE!

20. To New To Categorize

Seatle Filmworks / Photoworks -

    PHOTOWORKS.COM allows you to view your photos online and email links to friends and family all over the world. Just mail your finished roll of film to PHOTOWORKS.COM with free processing certificate that's included in your starter kit. The starter kit also includes a postage-paid super-strength mailing envelope. PHOTOWORKS.COM will send you a link, via email, to your photos online in addition to a full set of 3.5x5" or 4x6" prints, (including standard shipping), and free email sharing.

Poetry Contest -

    The International Library of Poetry will award 250 prizes totaling $58,000.00 to amateur poets in the coming months. Anyone can enter the competition simply by submitting ONLY ONE original poem, 20 lines or less, any subject, any style. All poets who enter will receive a response concerning their artistry within seven weeks.



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